Home Care Packages

What is a Home Care Package?

At Eremea we completely understand and respect the desire to remain at home. However, you or your loved ones may require some assistance in the areas of cleaning, meal preparation, gardening, transport, shopping or even pet care. There is a range of approved Home Care Packages that Eremea can put together for you.

The Government’s My Aged Care packages are made up of four levels, designed to give you the care you might need now but then can also be adjusted if your needs change in the future. Home Care Levels 1 and 2 help people with basic or low-level care needs; Levels 3 and 4 help people with intermediate to high care needs. Alternatively, if you are a privately funded client, we can tailor a customised Home Care Package based on your needs.

There are four Home Care Package levels of support:

  • Level 1 – for people with basic care needs
  • Level 2 – for people with low-level care needs
  • Level 3 – for people with intermediate care needs
  • Level 4 – for people with high-level care needs.

Level 1

Basic Care

  • Personal care

  • household assistance

  • social support and companionship

  • meals

  • shopping and rehabilitation

Level 2

Low-level Care

  • Personal care

  • Household assistance

  • Social support and companionship

  • Meals, shopping and rehabilitation

  • May include the loan of basic equipment

Level 3

Mid-level Care

  • Personal care

  • household assistance

  • meals and medication maintenance

  • nursing services

  • support with behavioural change

  • assisting with aids and appliances.

Level 4

High-level Care

  • Personal care

  • household assistance

  • meals and medication maintenance

  • nursing services

  • support with behavioural change

  • assisting with aids and appliances


Home Support Programme

  • Personal care

  • domestic assistance

  • home maintenance

  • home modification and basic nursing care

We’ve put together a step-by-step guide to apply for home care package funding through the My Aged Care programme:

STEP 1 – Give the Eremea team a call

With many years of experience dealing with the Government’s My Aged Care packages, we’d be more than happy to assist you. If you have any initial questions, feel free to give us a call on 1300 118 880 and one of the friendly staff members at Eremea will guide you in the right direction.

STEP 2 – Get in contact with My Aged Care

When you’re ready you will then need to get in touch with the My Aged Care contact centre where you can request a Home Care Package on 1800 200 422 or visit www.myagedcare.gov.au. During this process, they will confirm that you meet all the government requirements for aged care funding. Don’t forget, when you call My Aged Care, be sure to have your Medicare card close by and if you are calling on behalf of someone else, make sure you get their consent.

STEP 3 – An ACAT assessment will take place

An ACAT assessor, who is an experienced clinician, will come and visit you at home. It’s here where they will discuss with you your personal circumstances to assess and workout what the right level of support might be needed.

STEP 4 – Get your results and jump in the queue

Once your assessment is complete, you will receive a letter of to let you know whether you are eligible and approved to receive a Home Care Package. Then you will then be placed in a national priority queue and be contacted when a suitable package becomes available. Please note, that your position in this queue is based off how long you’ve been waiting for care as well as your personal needs and circumstances. It is also important to consider that there may be costs involved and you may need to complete an Assets and Income Assessment. For more information about this, feel free to give one of the Eremea team members a call on 1300 118 880.

STEP 5 – Receive your Package and Start Services

When you’re ready to commence your care package, you will receive a letter from My Aged Care confirming everything and providing you with a unique referral code. Once you receive this code, please get in contact with the Eremea team and we can start to plan and organise your personal Home Care Package. If you are unsure about what services you can access, the service finder on the My Aged Care website can help you locate and compare services in your area. Plus, the Eremea team is always on hand with any questions that you might have.