Social Support

Social support is not a luxury it is essential. Emotional and social neglect is perhaps the greatest problem for those who are housebound. A lack of social support and emotional connection can quickly lead to feelings of isolation, loneliness and depression. Studies have shown that social and emotional neglect can severely impact our health and wellbeing, both mentally and physically.

Community CareBeing cared for, nurtured and treated with empathy is sometimes the best medicine. In addition, the communicative and healing power of touch has been well researched. Touch can ease pain and lift depression. Something simple, like someone placing a hand on your shoulder or arm, is all that it takes to receive those benefits.

No matter how good they are, nutrition and medicine are not enough to keep someone in good health. People suffer, withdraw from life and even die without human contact, compassionate care and genuine affection.

No matter what other tasks they may perform, Eremea caregivers bring compassion and care to our care recipients, treating them with the dignity and respect they deserve and providing the human contact and affection they crave.

Social support can include the following services:

  • “Pop in” monitoring for families who want to make sure their loved one is okay but aren’t able to pop in regularly or during day time hours themselves.
  • Social interaction which can be as simple as having someone to chat with about the weather, the good old days or the grandchildren. Sometimes a kind ear and a few kind words are all that is all that is needed to make someone feel appreciated.
  • Companionship can take many forms including someone to sit with, cook with or clean with. Sometimes doing things alone feels too hard but having a caring supporter on hand makes anything possible.
  • Daily outings for people who are used to being active and engaged with the community and need someone to help them enjoy excursions or social contact with the wider community.
  • Group activities such as bowling, aqua aerobics or other social or remedial groups.
  • Visiting and chats with a trusted, caring Eremea home caregiver who will soon feel like an old friend.
  • Community access and outings for visits to the library, art therapy or other community-based activities.
  • Nursing home visits because not all of our home care recipients live at home. Many of them are in nursing homes or aged care facilities but still enjoy and need social contact to avoid spending many long hours alone.

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