Pet Care

With so many pet lovers living in Sydney, pet care is a natural addition to our home care and aged care services. While most Sydney residents need pet care for their dog, we also offer pet care for cats or any other type of pet.

Pet care can include some of the following duties:

  • Feeding and watering pets;
  • Brushing or combing pets;
  • Dog washing and/or grooming;
  • Dog walking, exercise and play;
  • Cleaning up after pets;
  • Companionship;
  • Supervising and administering medications and vitamins including injections;

As with all Eremea’s home care services, our pet care services can be tailored to your needs.

More about Eremea pet care

We understand that, much as you love your pets, it’s not always possible to give them the attention or exercise they love. So if you are too busy or too unwell to walk or groom your dog we can take care of it for you.

Eremea pet care can take care of your pets in their own home if you are:

  • working long hours;
  • going away on holiday;
  • personally committed elsewhere;
  • incapacitated due to illness, injury or age.

Eremea offers quality care for Sydney pets as a safe, secure alternative to boarding kennels or imposing on friends or neighbours.

Trained and trusted pet carers

All our pet care workers are trained so the service they provide meets our high expectations and all of them have passed a background check so you can feel confident that your pet and home will be in safe hands.

Pet care while you’re away

While boarding kennels are an option when you go away, home pet care has numerous advantages:

  • Less stress for pets and owners when the pet stays in its own home;
  • Uninterrupted routines and familiar sights, smells and sounds;
  • Added home security with a dog in the house and regular visits from a pet care giver;
  • Pets are less likely to catch diseases which can spread quickly at boarding kennels.
  • Home pet care can be less expense than kennel boarding;
  • Home pet care is more convenient for owners and saves time driving to and from boarding kennels;
  • We can let you know how your fur baby is and send you photos if you miss them;
  • With home pet care you can be sure we will follow your instructions about water, exercise and medication precisely;
  • Your pets will enjoy plenty of patting, cuddles and affection so you know they will be happy while you are away.

Our pet care services can also include:

  • home security checks;
  • collecting newspapers and mail;
  • watering plants;
  • putting rubbish bins out and bringing them in again;
  • opening and closing curtains or blinds, moving shoes and turning lights on and off so your home doesn’t appear to be empty and attract thieves.

Eremea pet care services will take care of everything so you can enjoy your precious time away and return home stress free.

Combined pet care and home care packages

All our packages are tailor made to suit your needs and pet care can be included with home care or other services as needed.

Find out more about pet care

To find out more about Eremea’s Sydney pet care services (available throughout the Sydney area) call us now on (02) 9798 3077. Or contact us by email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We’re looking forward to helping you with pet care or other home care services.