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eCall Monitoring AlarmsAre you looking for a medical alarm, an emergency response service or some other telehealthcare solutions? Medical alarms, technology and medical alarm services play a key role in helping older people and those with long-term health care needs stay out of hospital or residential care and enjoy a better quality of life.

Emergency response services, or medical alarms as they are often called, provide peace of mind to both the care recipient and their family because they ensure help is immediately and easily accessible. Most importantly, our ecall medical alarm allows the care recipient to keep living at home and being independent while having a safety net in case something goes wrong.

Our 24/7 Emergency Response Service ecall

Eremea’s ecall emergency response service provides an emergency response to call outs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our 24 hour ecall monitoring service gives you instant peace of mind knowing that help is just a button press away should you or a family member require assistance.
ecall Emergency Response Service Installation

Our ecall emergency response service is installed by qualified consultants. The home visit and installation includes:

  • recording the client’s personal data development or care plan;
  • setting up the alarm system;
  • testing and checking response levels, both inside and outside the home;
  • alarm operation training.

Alarm installation usually takes about one hour and our ecall alarms can be installed anywhere in the greater Sydney region.

More about our ecall medical alarm

Our ecall medical alarm system is top quality, simple to use and highly affordable for just a small monthly fee. It can be used if you slip, fall or have another mishap as well as providing protection from intruders. The ecall alarm is easy to activate by pushing a button and we can supply a necklace or bracelet button alarm that is waterproof and can be worn constantly, even in the shower or bath.

When the button is pressed the alarm is automatically activated with a call put through to our medical emergency response switchboard. If needed, an automatic translation service can allow you to communicate your needs in any language.

Our medical operators are trained like 111 dispatchers to recognise emergency signs and send help as soon as possible in an emergency.

Whether the alarm is activated due to extreme emergency or a less pressing medical or care need, with ecall you know that a response is on the way. Even if you cannot speak or be clearly understood, the ecall medical alarm system immediately sends help. Whether it’s a neighbour, an ambulance or family member, ecall means the appropriate help is on the way.

Find out more about ecall healthcare

To find out more about Eremea’s ecall medical alarm service anywhere in the Sydney area, call us now on (02) 9798 3077 or contact us by email. We’re looking forward to helping you with ecall or other home care services.