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Aged Care in Sydney

Looking for home care or aged care in Sydney? Eremea provides compassionate, trustworthy and professional aged care and home care services throughout the Sydney region.

We’re here to help

We know exactly how hard it is when a loved one can’t care for themselves and we’re here to support you and your family member when and as needed.

Our Sydney home care team brings skilled care to a wide range of support recipients in the comfort of their own homes throughout the Sydney region including:

  • People who are elderly;
  • People with Alzheimer’s or dementia or those who are just confused or forgetful;
  • People with physical or intellectual disabilities;
  • People with mental illnesses;
  • People recovering from accidents or serious illness;
  • Children with special needs;
  • Post-operative or discharge recovery catering all ages;
  • LGBTI;
  • People with palliative care needs.

Aged care and home care hours to suit your needs

Home Care hours to suit your needsWe’ll take care of whatever personal and home care needs are required so you can be confident you’ve got the best possible support on hand wherever you live in the greater Sydney region.

We offer a customised aged care or home care service to suit your needs and unique circumstances, offering everything from:

  • Short term care;
  • Long term care;
  • In home respite care;
  • Live in care;
  • Overnight care;
  • As little as one hour of care per day;
  • Constant care 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Looking for a bilingual caregiver?

Bilingual CareSydney is a multi-cultural city and our care recipients come from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds. Eremea caregivers are also multi-cultural and many are bilingual, which means we can provide a superior service to other Sydney aged care and home care service providers if language or cultural sensitivity are an issue.

As we age dementia and other related illnesses, can cause people to revert to their mother language. But no matter what the language is, we can find a care worker who speaks that language. We can provide a bilingual caregiver for almost any language but the languages most commonly requested are:

  • Greek;
  • Italian;
  • Arabic;
  • Cantonese;
  • Mandarin;
  • Spanish;
  • Russian;
  • Vietnamese;
  • Korean.

Do you need a carer who speaks a specific language not listed above? Just get in touch and we’ll find the right carer for you.

More benefits of choosing Eremea aged care and home care services

Aged Care Services in SydneyIn addition to providing flexible care plans to suit your needs, Eremea offers:

  • Privately funded services;
  • Service Delivery for Aged Care Package holders;
  • CHSP funding Inner West;
  • Fully trained caregivers;
  • Carefully screened caregivers who have passed rigorous background checks;
  • Highly professional, compassionate and capable caregivers;
  • Experienced case managers and co-ordinators who can liaise with government funded agencies, discharge planners, social workers, medical practitioners and family members;
  • Consistent aged care and home care that gives your loved ones the care they need and brings you peace of mind.

We have care workers skilled in many areas including caregivers specialising in palliative care, therapy assistance and high level daily care needs. Our organisation is committed to initiating and maintaining a highly skilled workforce.

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To find out more about our aged care or home care services in the Sydney area call one of our care managers now or contact us by email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We’re looking forward to helping you and giving you and your family the support you need.
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